Be One - Make One 2017


As a church we want to place a high value on relational connection with God, with one another, and the people in the places God is calling us to reach. People of all ages crave belonging and heartfelt connection. The feeling we get when we experience disconnection - like loss of a job, break-ups, mobile disconnection, moving away from family, migrating to a new country, attending university away from home, loss of a loved one - shows our deep need for relational connection

Friendships matter. Being in meaningful community with others matters.

During this series we are encouraging everone through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to prayerfully connect with at least one person who is yet to follow Jesus in their local neighbourhod or circle of influence and journey with them into a life-changing friendship with Jesus - the greatest friendship of all.


Welcome to our Be One - Make One series

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Week 1... Friends of God. Find the talk here

10AM at Concord West Public School.

You're Welcome!



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