Breathe Gatherings at Wentworth Point

How do I get there? Where do I park?  

Breathe gatherings are simple, informal, relaxed.  We're meeting at:

Pulse Room 2, Pulse Function Centre

Best access via 3 The Crescent Wentworth Point (some underground parking available)

Find out how to get to Wentworth Point 


What happens on Sunday evening at Breathe gatherings? 

  • ​​​Arrive at 5pm to enjoy a cuppa and meet new friends as we catch up together after our busy weeks.

  • After a while we’ll come together to focus ourselves on God.

  • Each week of the month we do things a little bit differently. Often someone shares how God is at work in their life and we pray for the things that are important to them right now.

  • We’ll have a good chat about the week’s topic which is designed to help us grow in our spirituality and how we live. There’s lots of discussion and different opinions. You’re welcome to add yours too!

  • Sometimes there’ll be a song to listen to or something creative to do but participation is voluntary. We promise you won’t have to say or do anything that you don’t want to do.

  • Ask questions if you are unsure about what is happening.

  • We’re sure we’ll want to get to know you better once we meet you so, if you feel comfortable to, please pass on your details so we can stay in touch (no stalking we promise!).

  • And if you would like to know more about all the things that happen beyond Sunday gatherings we can let you know.


What about kids and teenagers? 

People of all ages are welcome at Breathe gatherings! If you’re bringing children or teenagers please let Melinda know so we can make the night relevant and enjoyable for them too.


Does Breathe meet every Sunday night?

Breathe chooses not to meet together on the last Sunday night of each month. We call that weekend of the month our Exhale weekend. It's when we prioritise connecting with others beyond Breathe to build new friendships, help out in our local community, and serve those in need. It is another way we try to stay true to the way Jesus lived.