Bayside AM at Concord West Public School

How do I get there? Where do I park?  

If you’re coming to the Sunday morning service the best car parking is on Queen Street right outside the school or in the school car park (entrance off Queen St)

Find out how to get to Concord West Public School 

Some people ride their bikes to church. It's an easy ride from Newington or Sydney Olympic Park through Bicentennial Park up Victoria Ave into Queen Steet. Park your bike in the school grounds. 


What happens on Sunday mornings? 

The purpose of getting together on Sundays is to worship God. It’s a great way to start the week!

  • Everybody comes together in the hall

  • We usually start with singing which helps focus our hearts and minds on God. 

  • You can sit or stand, sing or just listen.

  • There will be announcements about upcoming activities or events, a time of relevant practical teaching from the Bible (some people call this the ‘message’, ‘sermon’ or ‘talk’), prayer, an offering and perhaps more singing. 

  • Sometimes there will be something creative to do, but you don’t have to participate –  if you just want to sit and watch that’s OK. 

  • When you come, you won’t have to say or do anything that you don’t want to.

  • We often move out of the hall during the middle of the service to have morning tea. When we resume our service back in the hall, the kids and youth head off to their own activities in the classrooms.  

  • Our service usually ends at about 11.45am

What happens with kids and teenagers? 

  • Kids and teenagers are very welcome at Bayside!

  • We usually start with everybody together in the school hall. Later the kids move to their own programmes – KidZone for children aged 3-11yrs and Priority One for young people in Years 6-10 at high school.

  • A supervised crèche is available in the morning for children under 3 years.


Where do I sit? 

You can sit wherever you feel comfortable and can see what’s going on. 


Will I have to give any money? 

  • No you don’t have to give money when you come.

  • The ‘offering ’ is a time for those who regularly come to Bayside to give from the money God has blessed them with to support the work we are involved in locally and overseas. 

  • It is collected when the tin buckets are passed around.  Don’t feel any pressure to contribute - just pass the bucket on to the person next to you.

  • These days many people give electronically so the bucket can sometimes look a bit empty! 


Do I need to bring a Bible?  

  • No you don’t. 

  • You might notice some people using their phones or ipads at our morning service – they’re probably looking at an electronic version of the Bible or taking notes on the message. 


Can I talk to someone about a problem I’m having? 

Of course you can! There will be people around who will be really pleased to talk with you or pray for you. 


How do I connect at Bayside? 

  • Connect cards are on the seats each Sunday morning.

  • If you feel comfortable to pass on your contact details so we can thank you for joining us and to stay in touch please fill in the card.

  • It’s also yours to write on with your feedback, prayer requests, questions, your response to the message…whatever you need to communicate. 

  • Place it in the offering bucket when it’s passed around at the morning service, or hand it to one of the pastors. Any information shared will be treated respectfully and confidentially.

  • Have a look at the Connect section on our website to find out some other ways

Take a look at the rest of our website to find out what else is going on at Bayside. 

If you want to find out more about Jesus we’d love to help you on that journey. Contact Pete Davies