Connecting with Breathe

Are you looking for an expression of Christian spirituality that is different to the norm? 

Breathe is a diverse community of people who are working out what it means to live the way of Jesus together.

Our aim? To be good news to anyone who encounters us! 

Most people we know are not so interested in organised religion, or overly structured ways of exploring and expressing spirituality. So we keep things pretty simple.

Together we have committed to living lives of...

Inclusion / Freedom / Purpose / Power 

... just as Jesus did. 

It’s not rocket science.

We share life together

We like hanging out with our friends and neighbours. We believe the best for one another and share the goodness of God with one another unconditionally in practical ways. No matter what your story or beliefs, you will be accepted and welcome in our community!

We serve our community practically

We hope to put smiles on people's faces by sharing our time and resources generously. Sometimes this means painting faces at a local festival, or teaching conversational English. Sometimes it means helping neighbours move house or running the annual community Easter Celebration in the park. Whatever is needed we will lend a hand where we can.

It's not about us

We believe that in giving of ourselves we find purpose, and we better reflect God's heart for all people. So we take seriously the need to look beyond ourselves to our city and our world and find ways to care for others who are vulnerable. Whether its getting involved with global justice and poverty campaigns, or serving the homeless communities across western Sydney, we want to be aware, compassionate and active. We welcome you to get involved!

We want to know God more

You don't have to be in a church service to know God more! In fact we are sure God is already at work in your life, as well as ours. But we do want to keep encountering more of his freedom and power in our lives, and finding out how he wants to work through us in our world.

There are simple ways we do this- conversations together and with God, catching up in smaller groups to explore who Jesus is and how he's working in our lives, or Breathe's Sunday gatherings. We'd love to talk with you about what God is up to in your life too!

Find out more about Breathe gatherings

You are welcome to join with us in community, to explore how following Jesus might make a real difference to you. Together we reckon we can be a brilliant force for good in our neighbourhood and our world. Contact Melinda for more info.