Connecting with Our City & World

We’re passionate about being deeply engaged in making a difference in our world (locally and globally) with Jesus. It’s part of our vision and values.

The Crane Family in Mozambique 

We're Jonno and Heather working amongst the Yao people in Mozambique, South East Africa  along with our children Samuel, Caleb, Hannah, Micah and Josiah. We’ve been here since 2002 and are connected with Global Interaction, the Baptist mission agency in Australia.


Neale in North Asia

I moved overseas at the end of 2012 to live amongst a Muslim minority group in North Asia where there’s only about a dozen believers in a group of more than 100,000 people. I'm part of a church-planting team from Pioneers.


Bob and Chris Prouty in Sydney

We're helping families and groups of friends discover for themselves what God is like and how He wants them to live. We meet in the homes of people in our community and on the internet with people all over the world for Discovery Bible Studies.  Our goal is to help start 600,000 groups in 120 countries using 60 languages by 2020.  We would love to show you how you can start a group.  See

Chris is also the chaplain at a local primary school helping recent migrants connect with the school and wider community


The Dunne Family in Africa

We're Mick, Tammy, Jack, Mark and Harry and joined the MV AFRICA MERCY in July 2013. The Africa Mercy is a non-governemnt hospital ship operated by the international charity Mercy Ships. The organisation seeks to follow the model of Jesus by providing free state-of-the-art medical treatment to the forgotten poor in West and Central Africa.

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You’ll also find other people at Bayside who are trying to make a difference 

  • for disabled children in China, 

  • for homeless people in Western Sydney

  • for young people at school

  • for women in prison

  • for people living in extreme poverty

  • designing schools and hospitals for communities in Africa

  • distributing quality goods to local welfare organisations around the world

Read their stories in our booklet Mission: Bayside & Beyond