Exodus Easter 2017

Welcome to Exodus, only that exodus is not a place as in a village or city. It is a departure, a journey, an adventure of breathtaking, mind-bending proportions.

Exodus is a captivating narrative of midwives who stood for justice in defiance of a powerful enslaving king. It is the journey of Moses, who was born and placed along the banks of an exceptional river called Nile. Exodus tells of a burning bush engulfed in flame but didn't burn up; a shepherd’s rod that could become a snake and then a rod again. Exodus is a masterpiece tale of fire, wind, water, land, beyond the shadow of the Great Pyramids.



In Exodus we meet a God who is irrevocably committed to the redemption and flourishing of humanity - an exceptional God who uses ordinary people, exceptional places, paradoxical incidents to bring about His will and to fulfil humanity’s deepest desire — Justice, Purpose, Dignity and Redemption.

Exodus shows us what God is like, how He sees his people and the extent He will go to save them so that they may worship Him in freedom and joy.

The Exodus foreshadows Easter. It gives a primal understanding of the acts of God at calvary. The journey that began with the Exodus finds its fullness in Jesus on calvary’s cross and the empty tomb.

In Christ Jesus we are part of this unfolding narrative. We learn more about God, how we as God’s people fit into God’s story and how we think and act in the world today.

Welcome to our Easter series!

Week 1... Exodus 1:1-22 (The Midwives). Find the talk here or the reflection here

Week 2... Exodus 2:1-10 (Riverbank). Find the talk here and the reflection here

Week 3...Exodus 2:11-25 (Midian). Find the talk here and the reflection here

Week 4... Exodus 3:1-15 (The Burning Bush). Find the talk here and the reflection here

Week 5...Exodus 4 (Snaky Stick). Find the talk here and the reflection here

Week 6...Good Friday (Why Believe in Jesus?)

Week 7... Easter Sunday (I AM Jesus)

10AM at Concord West Public School.

You're Welcome!




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