Fresh 2017

When love comes to town, everything changes.

When love chooses to reside in our neighbourhood, people leap for joy.

Such is the story, John the beloved follower of Jesus and a fisherman tells in his reflective accounts of the life of Jesus -- the people he touched and the places tread.

A story of love so profound yet deeply vulnerable.

A love story of grace and truth, yet rhythmed as in a broken hallelujah (praise).










John’s narrative gives us a fresh imaginative reflection of how divine love takes on the brokenness of our humanity in a redemptive saga. John uses fresh stories not told in other accounts of Jesus to points us to Jesus – the divine love that never jilts, the pure love that transforms. John invites us to see Jesus as the perfection of divinity and humanity – Christ the Son of God in the flesh. John desires that people will come to know divine love. He desires that his hearers and readers will enjoy their love relationship with the triune God who has made himself known in Jesus.

This is a story that confounds the mind, challenges our imagination and yet compel our heart to love. A story that leaves us wondering -- What is it about Jesus that is so refreshing and compelling that changes people’s mind and ultimately transforms their lives?

Join us in February for exciting insights into how divine love resides in the vulnerability of humanity.

10AM Concord West Public School.

You're welcome!






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