Our Values

Vibrant Faith

Where our relationships with Jesus are real and evolving 

As followers of Jesus we have been invited into relationship with Him

We believe that ongoing emotional and spiritual growth should be a reality for all followers of Jesus

We have an "all of life" perspective on discipleship. It encompasses every aspect of our lives

We celebrate creativity in our services, in our structures and in expressions of different congregations

We adopt a spirit of adventure and recognise that a life of faith is following wherever God leads us, into the known and unexpected

We believe that prayer, both individual and expressed together, demonstrates our dependency and our intimacy with God

Kingdom Living

Where our focus is bigger than ourselves 

We are intentionally missional - relentlessly seeking to connect people with Jesus

We bias our time and resources towards those who are yet to enter the Kingdom

Having a global as well as local engagement, we seek to make a difference in the world, promoting God's compassion, justice and peace

We cheer on, and encourage, other churches and ministries


Where everyone is valued 

Opinions are valued, Diversity is valued

There are no restrictive barriers because of gender, age or ethnicity

People are more important than programs and we recognise their need for periods of rest to safeguard against burnout

We support, serve and care for each other

Where authenticity is the norm

No pretence is needed and vulnerability is OK! (or valued)

We value, and expect, Integrity, Truthfulness and Reliability

Because our identity is in Christ we are at the same time both humbled and esteemed

We are committed to creating a 'safe place' but not necessarily a 'comfortable place'

There is depth to relationships


Where we are being changed to become more like Jesus

We believe that we are all on an ongoing, life-long journey of transformation

This transformation is facilitated in us as we rely on, and surrender to, the work of the Holy Spirit

We seek opportunities to engage with God and allow His work to take place in us

While we accept people "as they are & wherever they are" we still yearn for God's work of transformation in their lives. Our model is that of a "Hospital not a Hospice"

It is important to us to create small, intimate, supportive environments where safety can be established to allow personal vulnerability and the work of transformation to take place in community


Where we see people released to be all that God intends them to be, and to experience

We recognise the Holy Spirit as the source of our power

Our leadership employs an empowering leadership model, which is collaborative in nature

We release people into ministry, and invest in their ongoing development and training

We encourage new ideas, new things and new ways and have an expectation of change, and create a safe environment for these things. We guard against complacency

We seek to employ healthy processes across all of our activities

We have empowering structures and policies that facilitate good communication and ensure appropriate accountability

We are committed to providing healthy, life-giving team environments