Standing on the Edge of Adventure 2018

Bayside church finds itself in quite an unusual stage of life. The church has probably not had such a "blank canvas" before it since the church was originally planted.

We face a new shape for Pastoral Team, new opportunities to embrace in outreach as we see some 'handovers' of long term outreach ministries in Newington, and clarifying a new vision for the next chapter in the life and adventure of Bayside.

Very exciting times! An opportunity to carry with us the best of the past without having to reproduce the past!

In order to get into that mindset, this series "Standing on the Edge of Adventure" will look at different Biblical examples of how God's people embraced that type of opportunity in the past.

Like any life adventure, whether it be an overseas holiday or an epic adrenalin-fuelled journey (like walking the Kokoda Track), there is a need to prepare well beforehand, adapt in the midsy of the adventure and also to reflect and learn from the experience.

So too we can embrace those opportunities as a church community as we stand on the edge of our adventure.

Week 1..The Adventure of a Second Chance. Listen here

Week 2...The Adventure of Seeing and Following God's Plan.

Week 3...The Adventure of Living an Abundant Life

Week 4...The Adventure of Relocation

Week 5...The Adventure of Parenthood

Week 6...The Adventure of Unconventional Warfare