We're worshipping together on Sunday mornings in a couple of different ways.
On July 26, August 9 & 23, September 6 & 20 we will be at Concord West Public School with COVID safety precautions in place and on the other weeks we are meeting over zoom.

Please read these conditions of entry before coming to the school. If you are unable to attend, watch the livestream of our gathering by clicking the zoom link.


Even though we're not physically meeting together, we're still church and our mission to Love God and Love Others hasn't been suspended. 

So please reach out to us if you need assistance. Just fill in the Bayside Connect Card below

Hello! Glad you found us.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU TO KNOW IS that no matter who you are, your life story, your strengths or weaknesses...God really likes you. And He is totally 100% for you, now and always. 

You don't have to work at being religious to earn this - it's his free gift. This is called grace, and it's what we're on about here at Bayside. 

We believe that this love of God, this grace, shown to us through Jesus, can revolutionise your life. We warmly invite you to connect with us and discover that God's grace and transforming power is for you!